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Post to Pillar

The Post to Pillar, also known as the "Short Course", is a .95 mile trail run, with 222 feet of elevation gain (subject to further confirmation).  It has no street crossings.  The run begins on the Copper Creek Trail, across from the middle school, where three posts are located.  

The Post 
The runner begins with their hand on the middle post, the "Post".  The clock starts when the hand of the runner comes off the Post.  The run starts at an elevation of 620 feet.

POST (middle) - Start of Post to Pillar
(Runner view)

Snake Bite 
The trail starts with a gradual ascent, passing the elementary school.  The trail then lurches from 6-8% grade to 13-20% grade, with a hard left and then a hard right at the trail intersection.  This section is known as "Snake Bite".

Snake Bite - the approach

Snake Bite - left turn
Snake Bite - hard right at the intersection

Snake Bite - the right turn
(downhill  view)
The Pause 
The trail continues to rise, with Copper Creek down below on the right.  Further up, the trail makes a wide right turn, before reaching the "Pause", a short flat portion, just before the Brightwood Drive Access to Copper Creek pillar.  The Pause is at 811 feet of elevation.


Brightwood Drive Access
to  Copper Creek Trail pillar

The Plunge
Immediately after the Pause, the trail plunges at 12-15% grade into the Garden Trail.  Runners take a hard left at the intersection onto the Garden Trail.

The Plunge - close view

The Plunge - far view - begins on far left
and intersects Garden Trail (right side)  
From here, it's all uphill, with almost a straight shot to the Genoa Way Access to Garden Trail pillar, the "Pillar".

The Pillar
The clock stops when the runner touches the Pillar, which is at 843 feet of elevation.

PILLAR - Finish of Post to Pillar
Genoa Way Access to Garden Trail pillar 
(Runner view)

The Post to Pillar run was created and first run on May 26, 2013 by Zach and John in a time of 8:56.  John currently hold the club record with 6:50.  The Post to Pillar run is a segment and all record times will be verified via Strava, which is free for this purpose. 

Post to Pillar records


1. 6:50  John Fraher - 6/14/13
2. 7:24  Jeremey Odom - 6/12/13
3. 8:01  Jeremey Odom - 6/4/13
4. 8:56  John Fraher (41) - 5/26/13




1.  8:56  Zach F. (11) - 5/26/13

Girl's:        Open

Post to Pillar history

The "Genoa Way Access" portion of the Garden Trail sign was originally called "Questhaven Road Access."  In 2012, the metal signs from trail pillars were removed and replaced with synthetic signs after thieves began stealing the signs for scrap value.  I guess somewhere in the process the access point name was changed.  I must say, Questhaven sounds much cooler.  Also, notice the gray rock that appears in 2010, has gone missing by 2013.  

Genoa Way Access - 2013
Questhaven Road Access - 2010

San Elijo Hills Running Club

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