Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Triple

The third version of the Post to Pillar is the "Triple", a 2.85 mile run with 562 feet of elevation (subject to revision).  This run is the same as the Post to Post, but rather than finishing at the Post, the run circles the Post and returns to the Pillar.  The clock stops when the runner touches the Pillar.

The triple is the last permutation of the Post to Pillar.  The first version touches the Pillar, the second adds a turn at the Pillar and the third adds a turn at the Post.  From here, runners can run multiple circuits ad infinitum, e.g. the "quad" (3.6 miles), "quint" (4.5 miles), or "hexa" (5.4 miles).

The Triple, due to its up-down-up topography, creates a natural interval run and provides an opportunity to extend the stride on the "down" leg.  The Triple also gives the runner a chance to work on pacing, providing two splits for the "up" leg.  Finally, the Triple is also a good tune-up run for a 5K, as the elevation gain more than makes up for the shorter length.

Triple record:

Men's:      23:15  John F. (41) - 5/27/13 Strava link

San Elijo Hills Running Club

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