Sunday, June 2, 2013

Running Books

I have read a bunch of running related books, but many of them I would not recommend.  I am interested in how to run, how to run faster, how to run without injury, how to recover, nutrition and the science of running.  The local bookstore is filled with books about how to train for a 5K or marathon, but these books only offer daily training volume and tables of times.

I don't see the point of following training programs like a robot unless you understand your body and the effects training has on it.  The books listed below offer training advice coupled with the science behind it.

The first book, Sports Speed, I used when I coached the girl's and boy's sprint teams for Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco for one season back in 1998.  This was my first time coaching a sport and both teams did extraordinarily well.  I credit the success of the teams on Sports Speed, as I relied on it to create the warm-ups, plyometric drills, form drills and sprint training.  I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in running faster.   (Dintiman, George, Ward, Bob and Tellez,  Tom.  Sports Speed, Second Edition.  USA: Human Kinetics, 1998.)

The second book, Lore of Running, is the one book you should buy if you could only own one book on long distance running.  It delves heavily into the science of running, including muscle fibers and oxygen uptake, as well as how to train for specific races.  It also provide a history of running's best runners and their respective training routines.  (Noakes, Tim.  Lore of Running, Fourth Edition.  USA: Human Kinetics,  2001.)

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