Monday, September 9, 2013

Running, soccer and life

At the moment, my life is a whirlwind of running and soccer.  Somewhere in the middle I find the time to work, keep up my house, service my cars, walk my dogs, garden and do all the things necessary to keep my life moving forward.

I am trying to simplify, if simplify means not doing anything but run and watch my kids play soccer.  Last weekend I went to eight soccer games!  This went beyond a healthy dose.  Watching my kids play soccer is stressful.  Watching my daughter play goalie is even more stressful.  Doing it all in 90 degree heat just adds to it.  After doing nothing but stand and watch, I came home exhausted.

But this is the window of time I have to watch my kids play sports and there is nothing better than watching my son score goals and my daughter make saves.  If my running suffers,  so be it.  I'm in the middle of following Jack Daniels' Running Formula and am trying to run 50+ miles a week.  I did it for six straight weeks.  This week I felt tired.  I only ran 45.  I let it go.  I can't be a slave to my running spreadsheet or I'm going to end up hating running.    

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