Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mt. Olympus Relay

The Mt. Olympus Relay consists of three legs in San Elijo Hills.  The relay will take place over a two week period and consist of teams of three.  During the two week window, runners may run any leg as many times as they want.  Teams will then submit the three legs that give their team the lowest time, with each runner only allowed to run one of the three legs.  Lowest combined time wins.  All runs need to be done on Strava and a link emailed to

LEG 1 - 5 miles @ 754' of gain

The first leg begins at the Garden Trail pillar and proceeds onto Questhaven, before turning left onto the Jeep Trail, then left on Attebury Road, before finishing at the light across from the Lakeview trailhead.

LEG 2 - 4.3 miles @ 719' of gain

 The second leg begins on the other side of San Elijo Road in the parking lot for the Lakeview trail head.   Lakeview is followed until it intersects with the Ridgeline Trail, where runners make a right and head towards the antenna tower.  Runners then descend down a steep concrete section, pass the dog park and finish at the intersection of San Elijo Road and Elfin Forest Road.

LEG 3 - 1 mile @ 222' of gain

The third leg begins opposite San Elijo Middle School on the Copper Creek Trail at three posts.  The trail heads up, going past the elementary school, and continues up, with a brief plateau, before a plunge, where runners take a right onto the Garden Trail.  Runners then encounter a steady climb, before finishing at the Garden Trail pillar.

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