Monday, May 26, 2014

Mount Tapatio, Cinco Loco and toponomastics.

Have you ever wondered how things get named?  Onomastics or onomatology is the study of proper names of all kinds and the origins of names. The words are from the Greek: "ὀνομαστικός" (onomastikos), "of or belonging to naming" and "ὀνοματολογία" (onomatologia), from "ὄνομα" (ónoma) "name". Toponymy or toponomastics, the study of place names, is one of the principal branches of onomastics. (See

This week I've been in a naming frenzy, as my local running trails have been enlarged due to the work of bulldozers that fought the Cocos fire.  As a result, new trails were created and new trails need names.  

On Sunday we did a club run to check out a new trail I named the Ibex after club member Chris B., who is part mountain goat.  The Ibex, after descending off Lakeview Trail, reaches a high point of 1,186'.  The group stopped here for a moment to regroup.  While there, I decided we had to name the peak.  I asked the group to come up with a name.  A few lame names were offered up. Then Dennis found a used Tapatio hot sauce packet on the ground.

The packet of inspiration
Voila, Mount Tapatio was born.  The great thing about the Ibex trail is it drops the runner down to the beginning of Double Peak Trail.  Prior to the Ibex existing, the Double Peak Trail was effectively an out and back trail for a runner from San Elijo, unless they were willing to run at least another five miles alongside roads.

As a result, the Ibex affords the opportunity for the runner to do what I have christened the "Cinco Loco" or stealing from Princess Bride, "The Five Peaks of Insanity".      

Cinco Loco starts at the the beginning of Jeep Trail at Questhaven.  It then climbs Frank's Peak, Mt. Whitney, Mt. Tapatio, Double Peak and and ends at Radio Tower.  I attempted the run today, but had to pack it in at about three and a half peaks.  The four hours of yard work before the run probably didn't help. Once I decided to pack it in, I took Secret Trail, rather than the trail that takes you up the back side of Double Peak to the amphitheater.  (I'm not sure of the name).

Regardless, here is a portion of the uncompleted run, coming in at 2,850' of gain:  I'm guessing the entire run will be close to 4,000'.  If I can actually finish it, I'll post the route.  In the meantime, take the Cinco Loco Challenge and let me know if you finish it.

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