Friday, September 26, 2014

Peaks of San Elijo Hills and surrounds

The Peaks of Three Peaks

Mt. Whitney - 1,732'
Frank's Peak - 1,692'
Double Peak - 1,644'

The Medium Size Peaks

Elfin Forest Overlook (Equine Trail) - 1,342'
Cielo Peak - 1,226' (on trail, near water fountain)
Elfin Forest Way Up Trail - 1,206' - (high point)
Radio Tower - 1,210'
Mt. Tapatio - 1,182'
Via Ambiente South Side - 1,171'
Denk Mountain - 1,053'

The Lesser Peaks

Yellow Truck Trail Peak - 965' (West side, near BMX jumps)
Dump Climb Peak - 846'
Punta Arroyo Peak -795' (where concrete hits gravel, west side)
Ridgeline Peak (Box Canyon) - 656'
Paint Mountain Peak - 607' (where the trail (which one?) meets Suerte del Este)



  1. F'ing A I just wrote a long reply, and when I signed in it lost everything. Google Earth has them all. Maybe I'll sit here and do it again. Need another beer first.

  2. Google Earth Says...
    Frank's Peak - 1,692'
    Mt. Whitney - 1,732'
    Double Peak - 1,644' (what's 8' amongst friends?)
    Denk Mountain - 1,053' (this is the biggest discrepancy from what you posted)
    Cielo Peak - ? (not sure where you consider the peak here)
    Radio Tower - 1,210' (9' dif)
    Punta Arroyo Peak - 795' (where the gravel meets the concrete)
    Ridgeline Peak (Box Canyon) - 656' (the climb from the water @286' is then 270'!)
    Paint Mountain Peak - 607' (at least for the MTB'er where the trail meets Suerte Del Este)
    Dump Climb Peak - 874' (we call it Dump Climb, this is the elevation if you approach from SEH Rd and not the backside)
    Mt. Tapatio - ? (I'm still not certain where you feel this peak is?)
    Yellow Truck Trail Peak - 965' (where the single track tops out near the pump track, aka the high point in the area)

    You could include the lookout points in Elfin Forest & Way Up Trail as well, also the top of Jeep Trail and the Saddle btwn Frank's and Whitney. Inspiration Point, or the high point above that if you stay to the right.


  3. What is the pump track?

    Mt. Tapatio is off the Ridgeline trail, backside of double peak, it then drops down into quarry area

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    2. Pump Track = The little circle loop (redundant much?) after you summit the Singletrack. We call it Ann's Trail as Ann Hall was the one who introduced it to us 5 years ago or so.

      I'll look back regarding Mt Tapatio... I think I had a hard time feeling it was a worthy peak w/ DP looming above, but I'll look again.

      Paint Mountain Peak would be the high point I suggested in your previous climbs of SEH post. You commented you needed to check it out. I'm happy to take you guys back there, we can do a nice loop up Dump Climb, dropping back into there and then up through horse country towards SEH.