Saturday, October 25, 2014

Club shirts - like a kid at x-mas

I am a child at heart.  Sometimes when I put my big boys pants on I forget that.

[Allen Gamble: Do you wake up in the mornin' and say, "I'm puttin on my big boy pants. Look, I'm wearin' a belt. I got big boy pants on."]

One of my journeys in life is to uncover the boy that is still there, like a moon obscured by the clouds, the boy never went anywhere, it just got buried.  Well, I'm digging the boy out and like a kid at x-mas, I have to unwrap the presents a bit early.

The BykViking has spent the last week designing a club jersey at Canari Custom.  They are not quite done, but I can't wait anymore.  I'm ripping off the wrapping paper . . .    

The jerseys / tech tees will look largely like immediately below.  The only difference is that the side panels from the second set of pictures will replace the side panels in the front.

               Front                                        Back

      Side panels                                                   

When the shirts are finalized, I'll start taking orders.  Let's go barking dogs!


  1. Word. I'll finalize pricing Monday if I have time. Maybe we can do a club meeting at a local brewery or something and I can have sizes to try on. I'll reach out to Stumblefoot Monday with this idea.

  2. Mmmhmmmm. Barking dogs, I just got the double meaning. I credit beer. Posted on Canari too.

  3. Double meaning? "[My friend's] I'm a little slow" (modified Dumb & Dumber) , perhaps not enough beer, so "throw me a freaking bone" (Austin Powers) and tell how its double.

    Coyotes: scientific name, canis latrans, which means "barking dog" and give us a great nickname to boot. To top if off, "trans" is a prefix and means "across", "beyond" and "through", which give us a team motto too.

  4. Ahh, didn't see this reply. But as we discussed, for the sake of everyone reading along, barking dogs=sore feet. Thus the double entendre. Or you could go a step further, and make it a triple referencing all the dogs that bark at us as we run past back yards and fence lines.