Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 24 - Recovery is not an option

After running 11 days in a row, I got it into my head to try to run 30 straight days.  At the same time, I ramped up my average weekly mileage from 35 miles to 60 miles a week.  I also put in my biggest week ever, hitting 70 miles.   The first two weeks or so, I was okay.  Then it began to get ugly.

The beginning of the end of was Day 22.  I did a tempo workout and hit some decent mile pace times.  Apparently that was all I had left to give.  The next three days I continued to run, but each day became progressively harder, both mentally and physically as I was irritable, had no interest in running, was beginning to feel pain in both my Achilles and my right foot felt twinges of plantar fasciitis.   

Day 25 would have been a Saturday.  An easy day to get in an easy run.  My body told my mind, "No, this is ridiculous.  You run today, you're going to get injured."  So much for mind over matter.  I realize that running 30 straight days is not the best training, as I never let my body absorb the training I was putting in.  As SEHRC club mate Kamran says, "Recovery is not an option," meaning you must give your body a break.

But this wasn't about training, this was a test of willpower.  I don't look at my decision to stop running as a failure of willpower.  Rather, I'm proud of the fact that I listened to my body and took a day off.  Moreover, along the way I put in the best three weeks of running in my life.

Running happy with Kamran and Travis

Today, after a day off, I had a killer run with the boys of SEHRC (Travis, Kamran, Eric and Kevin).  I felt strong and light and enjoyed myself.  It's amazing how different you can feel after 36 hours of rest.



  1. Wise decision, rabbit. I think 30 runs in 30 days is doable with more "league minumum" days. But even then, I've personally never understood the whole run streak thing. Maybe it helps with motivation for some people who tend to take off lots of days? Consistency over a long period mixed with rest is what it's all about in order maximize our potential.

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  3. Rabbits need to run. Sometimes they only see the leaves for the tree, or the trees for the forest, but they always end up wiser.

  4. BTW, that's one sexy photographer on the group pic!