Friday, November 21, 2014

SEHRC Trucker Hats - super cheap

Our very own trucker hat wearing Greg Fall came up with the design concept for the trucker hat pictured below.  The red line represents Double Peak, Frank's Peak and Mt. Whitney.  It also calls to mind a heartbeat.  The BykViking added the white striping and I suggested the Blade Runner font.  All in all, a nice team design effort.

Through a connection at Otto, a large manufacturer of headwear, the club is able to get the hats at wholesale prices.  The hats are good quality and will be a cotton twill polyester blend, which helps the hats from fading in the sun.

We are going to have a local screen printing shop heat press on the design.  We are still working on exact pricing, but the hats will probably be priced at $6.00. We plan on ordering the hats on Monday, 11/24/12, so if you want one, let us know.

Keep on trucking!


Since this was posted, there has been a change of plans.  Heat press of a design is really only effective on a trucker hat with a white foam front.  As we have selected a hat made with cotton and a black front, our choice has to be embroidery. The price of embroidery is dependent on stitches.  As the design has a large white stripe, this design would require a lot of stitches aka $$$. Therefore, the BykViking reworked the design and removed the stripe.  The hat will now look like:

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