Sunday, December 21, 2014

SEHRC Shirt Fest 2014 @ Stumblefoot

Shirtfest 2014 was the first club event that did not involve running.  Instead, we handed out club shirts and hats, drank beer and ate from the New Orleans food truck.

Stumblefoot Brewery, one of the club's sponsors, was kind enough to give club members a buy one beer, get one beer free special.  If you haven't been to Stumblefoot, check it out.  It's got a mellow, laid back vibe, great beer and I road my mountain bike right into the tasting room.

As usual, we talked about running and running shoes to run in.  Along the same lines, we are in the process of developing a pilot for a new panel discussion television show, called "Runners on Running."  Should be exciting stuff . . .

The out of control shirtfesters moshing in the pit

Professional shoe model, Travis, flew in from Milan to showcase
the new Hoka Challenger ATR

We like food!

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