Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Balance Trail 980 (2014) Shoe Review - DO NOT BUY THESE SHOES

I don't own a pair of the New Balance Trail 980s, but two members of SERHC do.  Both Kamran and Jon had the exact same problem - the inside of the toe box area on the shoes rip.  This happened on the inside right and inside left of each of their shoes.  Due to the fact that all four shoes ripped in the exact same manner, it appears this is either a case of defective design or a manufacturing defect. 

Kamran, who I run with on a regular basis, started having the problem almost immediately and I witnessed his shoes deteriorate to the state pictured below.  Kam is a very fit guy and doesn't weigh much, so this isn't a case of him beating up the shoes, the shoes are just not well made.

New Balance was contacted about the problem, but unfortunately despite putting a sub-standard product on the market, they choose not to make it right.  At the same time, New Balance should be pulling this product off the shelves.

In any case, if you're in the market for a new pair of trail shoes, avoid these. 

Kam's New Balance Trail 980 Shoe with nice rip in it

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