Friday, January 9, 2015

Shirt Orders from anyone on the planet being taken for the coolest shirts on the planet

The club is taking shirt orders again.  I know some people are a bit bashful about ordering club shirts.  Please don't be.  We don't care if you've ever run with us, or even if you run.  SEHRC is more of an idea than a club.  We stand for people who run or for people who think about running or for people who have $30 and want to buy a shirt.

Don't live in San Diego?  No problemo.  We've got dudes in Florida and Indiana wearing our stuff.  If you live out of SD county, no worries, let us know, we will adjust the price and ship it to you.

All we care about is whether you will represent the club properly.  By this I mean are you capable of putting on the shirt front side front and back side back.  If so, you are SEHRC material.  And by material, I mean shirts that weigh nothing and breath like a whale with a VO2max that is off the charts.

One caveat, this is the second version of the shirt.  Since the first run of shirts, we've secured three, yeah, that's right, three more sponsors.  These aren't penny-ante sponsors either, we're talking Spy Optics, Shoebacca and Lucky's Pizza & Ale.  As a result, two things have happened: (1) the first run of shirts are now collector items and are going for $100 on E-bay and (2) Erik Dekold from Canari redesigned the shirts as follows:  

Club Shirt - Version 2 - Tank top
As before, if you order one of these shirts, which rock house, you get them at a ridiculous 40% off retail for only 30 bucks each!  In addition, we give you two options: (1) tank tops or (2) tech tees, but we suggest you get both - it's cooler.

Want to be part of the SEHRC nation?  Then get on it.  We already have enough people who want shirts to order more, so get your order in by FEBRUARY 1, 2015.   Payment may be made via Paypal to Erik, Paypal name:  If you have order/sizing questions, please email Erik at

The tech tees and tank tops are slim fit, so if in doubt order a size up.  I'm 6' and weigh a staggering 150 lbs and the large in both the tech tees and tank tops fit me just right for racing.

For your reference, the front sides of both the tank tops and tech tees are shown below:

Tank tops (back is almost the first version, minus Stumblefoot, which is now a collector's item)

Tech tees (back is almost first version, minus Stumblefoot, which is now a collector's item)

Get running.  See you on the road, track or trail. 

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