Sunday, May 17, 2015

ESPN Breaking News - Name Change for SEHRC

As you've probably already seen on ESPN, SERHC has changed it's name from San Elijo Hills Running Club to San Elijo Hills Running & Cycling.  Thanks to Erik the Bykviking for coming up with the simple, yet brilliant name change.  If we add another sport, things might get complicated, but we will cross that bridge with my next injury.

When I first started the club, I debated what sports it should include.  I decided to keep it just for running.  Three years later, a torn meniscus and running burn-out I find myself back on a bike.  If the running club was started for my son, the cycling club is definitely for my daughter.

From the time she first got on a bike, this girl has had no fear.  For those not in the know, the difference between a good cyclist and a great cyclist is the ability to ride without fear.  Whether bombing down a mountain side or riding with a pack of forty, a cyclist needs to put aside the fact they are on the edge of disaster.

Kat on a bike.
At the same time, I've noticed a uptick in the number of runners getting on a bike.  So why not?  Out here in San Elijo, we have an awesome network of trails, which are just  as good for the runner as well as the rider.  Looking forward to rebuilding my quads and my cycling wardrobe.  Keep it dirty.

A rabbit and a horse.

Mountain biker in retro road kit

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