Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Discussion on headlamps

  1. Martin Liljenback 
    I'm looking to get some rechargeable headlamp that isn't close to dying after 1h. 
  2. Erik theBykVikingErik theBykViking 
    PrincetonTec Vizz
  3. Erik theBykVikingErik theBykViking 
    Not rechargeable tho. You can order some Ayups from Australia
  4. Martin LiljenbackMartin Liljenback 
    I was looking at this one:
  5. Erik theBykVikingErik theBykViking 
    might be a tad heavy? This is highly recommended by a few famous ultra runner and adventure racer friends and it's on sale AND it matches the SEHRC colors!:
  6. Chris BryanChris Bryan 
    Petzl Tikka Rxp rechargeable is what I use. It's great,long battery life and the reactive lighting is a great feature.
  7. Martin LiljenbackMartin Liljenback 
    Yea the large one with the battery pack is probably not a good idea. I'll check out those lighter ones.
  8. Martin LiljenbackMartin Liljenback   Remove
  9. Erik theBykVikingErik theBykViking 
    Looks like an REI branded item? Probably decent.
  10. Greg OttingerGreg Ottinger 
    Petzl NAO if you run long. Battle tested. 
  11. Martin LiljenbackMartin Liljenback 
    Yea, the NAO 2 does seem like a winner, but that price though at $150+ :| ReVolt might be a bit dim, but with a >4h run length it's probably good enough (at least until you don't see that rattle snake :)
  12. Greg OttingerGreg Ottinger 
    I have the ReVolt and the Tikka Rxp as well. Go with the Tikka. The reactive lighting is really nice and saves battery life. 

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