Friday, January 24, 2014

Post-Marathon Blues and Buying Shoes

All week, post-marathon, I've had the blues.  After spending the last five months preparing to run the Carlsbad Marathon, it's a bit weird to not be running and working towards a goal.

I'm happy with my race result and am looking to build on it, but taking a week off from running to allow my body time to heal is hard.  As each day ticks off, I get grouchier.  I know in the long run (no pun intended) my running will be better off, but in the meantime, I just want to sleep until Sunday, when I will run again . . .

In an effort to feel like I'm doing something related to running, I went to a running store on Thursday night.  During the marathon, the bottom of my feet started to hurt around mile 18.  I was wearing Nike Free 3.0s and wanted to find something a little plusher.  I guess I could just wear my Nike Free 5.0s, which I do the bulk of running in, but I wanted to try some Hokas.

Problem is, I hate buying shoes.  I'm Goldilocks crossed with the Princess and the Pea of shoe buying - if they don't fit just right, I don't want them.  To top it off, after getting used to the glove like fit of the Nikes, everything else feels like crap when I put them on my feet.

The Hokas were only available in a 10, which were too small for me.  The New Balance just felt too tight. Then the store began to fill up with people coming back from the store's weekly group run.  It got a little loud, the smell of bad pizza (I'm a connoisseur) was overpowering and the florescent lights were too much.  I need to buy my shoes in quiet solitude.

So I left, without new shoes and grouchier then I began.

San Elijo Hills Running Club


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