Friday, January 31, 2014

Speed Development

On Wednesday I did a speed development session.  This involves running at your absolute fastest for 50 to 150m, resting until completely recovered and then doing it again.  Since I started running, I have not done such a session.  The purpose is to train the brain to fire the muscles faster and make you a more efficient runner, which pays huge dividends in long runs.

I did the session behind the San Diego Convention Center on a grass field across from the water around 9 a.m.  The field has a flat section followed by a short decline into another flat section.  I began each run on the flat section and used the hill to accelerate into top speed.  Each run was about 50 meters.  I did nine repetitions.

At 3 p.m. my back began to hurt.  On Thursday, my back hurt even more.  On Friday, 48 hours later, my quads hurt for the first time.  After running over a thousand miles last year, just 400 meters of sprints destroyed me.  At the same time, as I began to to head back, my surgically repaired ACL (via hamstring) stretched out a bit, as if some scar tissue got ripped apart (a good thing).

Lesson: in my non-professional medical opinion, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, my back hurts, in part, due to my core being weak and my body not getting stretched enough.

That's why, for me Year Two of Running, will focus on strength (core), stretching and of course the reason I'm hobbling around, speed.

San Elijo Hills Running Club

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