Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boston, finding myself there

This one is for Leo. Fall told me to run for myself tomorrow. Good advice. But in running for myself, a part of me will be running for Leo.  

Its been a long journey from my bike messenger days. Wasted trips, detours and delays, but tomorrow the path is clear. 

I have battled my demons and hold them at bay. Leo was not so lucky. The demons won. 

Fortunately I made a movie and Leo became the star of it. His off the cuff comments about messengering became seared into my brain after hours of editing. My favorite:

"Being unaffected by headwinds . . . When you're better, faster, something -than topography, geography and physics, you're there man."

I hope to find myself 'there' tomorrow. 

Thanks for being a star Leo. 

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